Event Planners, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Sherre's performances and services. For your convenience, we have provided the answers to those questions below. Save time by checking this list before contacting us with your question.

I don't see the answer to my question on this page, now what?
Use the Contact Me page with questions or to get preliminary information about your event. I will respond to your message within three days. Emailing me directly at my Yahoo account may delay responses as I don't check this account as often as I check my JUST BITS email responses. However, if you do email me at Yahoo, please type JUST BITS QUICK QUESTION in the subject line.

Where will Sherre be performing next?
Visit Upcoming Performances to see Sherre's scheduled performances. If you like to see where Sherre has already performed go to Past Performances and scroll to the bottom of the page.

What does Sherre charge for performances or speaking engagements?
Honorariums vary. It depends on which performance or speaker participation you're interested in, length of time spent, the number of attendees, travel involved, dates involved, and other logistics associated with your event. However, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Me page with your preliminary event information. Remember ... first things first, as the Word says, "Ask." JUST BITS is a ministry with Christ at its heart. We will do our best to meet your budget needs with a quote that is affordable and reasonable to all parties involved.

May I record or videotape or audio record any of Sherre's performances?
No. The long answer is audio or video recording of performances are prohibited. This is because there are some people out there who record performances for more than their own viewing pleasure. You wouldn't believe this, but some people record the work of others to perform it as their own. Recording can also be a distraction to performers as well as those trying to view the performance. Still shots are okay during the performance. But please no audio or video recording.

Why can’t we videotape the performance?
We sell DVDs of most of our performances. Besides, if everyone made their own little videotapes we could not earn support for the ministry. We are confident that you want to support the ministry. Videotaping is prohibited unless written permission has been provided by us through an agreement made prior to the event.

Can we give you a topic for a Woman's Day speech and you deliver a powerful scriptural based speech?
Yes. Sherre has delivered many presentations of this nature. As a woman after God's own heart, I enjoy doing the research needed to deliver a scripture-based speech. We can also give you a topics and scriptures to choose from.

How can I economize my program?
• Take advantage of airline promotions to cut travel costs.
• Forego guest speakers and use ‘Motherland as the centerpiece or “featured entertainment” with your choir.
• Sponsor a two-day event and feature the artist in a dual role as guest speaker and featured performer, rather than booking two different people.
• Invite other churches and organizations to collaborate with you.
• Promote the event citywide and to surrounding areas to increase your participation and to assist with expenses.
• Use your local musician to accompany the monologue.
• Use the tools found in the event planning guide. It includes sample press releases, and public service announcements to increase awareness of
your event or program.