The first step to making your event memorable is to book Sherre to perform or speak. The next step is to fill out the Pre-Program Survey. Once you’ve done this, you're ready for the next step. As you probably know, all performers have specific needs. To ensure that Sherre brings you and your organization a superior show that everyone will remember and tell their friends about, we’ve provided details relative to Sherre’s performance -- please arrange for the following items. And remember, JUST BITS will handle your questions and interests in a Christian and professional manner.

Please be sure to check out the links on this page to assist with promoting your Sherre’s performance. Please email or call (615.876.9583) us if you have any questions.

PERFORMANCE AREA: A raised performance area is preferred (stage, pulpit, or 4 X 4 platform). The platform is usually used in hotel ballroom events in a strategic location for viewing from the audience and the head table. A lighted performance area is also critical to optimal viewing.

MICROPHONE: Lavaliere microphone. A headband model is first choice; tie tack clip on lavaliere is second choice. Sherre CANNOT use a handheld microphone while performing. For speaking engagements (non dramatic performance events), a microphone on a podium is preferred. Microphones can be rented if your facility does not have one. Consult with Sherre before making final selections.

LIGHTING: A well-lit performance can make all the difference. Please make sure the pre-approved performance area is well lit. Direct or track lighting is usually over the stage in hotel ballrooms for banquet functions with audience lights turned down or off during the performance. Church pulpit areas are usually sufficiently lit. Also lighting can be rented. Search your local yellow pages under “stage lighting” for the best pricing options. Consult with Sherre before making final selections.

AUDIO PERSON: The show’s sound effects are on CD and cassette (Sherre’s assistant will work with your audio person to ensure that audio is satisfactory). Discuss your audio setup prior to Sherre’s arrival so we know what to secure.

MUSICIAN: A musician will play brief excerpts from two songs at the end of the performance. If you choose to economize by using your own musician, ask your musician to contact Sherre at least 14 days BEFORE the event, and at least 48 hours BEFORE the event to schedule rehearsal time.

DRESSING AREA: A private restroom and especially private dressing area are preferred -- either space may be small enough to accommodate one person. Sherre requires time alone before her performance. This time is very important as this is time she uses for reflection and prayer.

HANDOUTS: For speaking engagements ONLY, Sherre will provide a master set of materials in advance for duplication -- when necessary.

PRODUCTION SALES: Pending mutual agreement, Sherre can provide products to be sold following her performance. Please provide two chairs and one 6-foot table.

TRAVEL: Sherre prefers to arrive the day before her performance. Travel arrangements are needed for two--Sherre plus one assistant. Sherre prefers to fly on jets and nonstop flights when possible.

LODGING: Usually one room and one overnight stay is required. Double-bed, non-smoking room is preferred.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Sherre does not usually eat before performing and she prefers alone time before performing. Just water and occasionally a piece of bread, crackers or hot tea with lemon. When meals are provided, please make arrangements to have Sherre’s food delivered to her hotel room or boxed for her to take with her. Her no-no lists Includes anything with yellow food coloring. It usually says on the label “yellow # 5.” It’s found in yellow cheese, cakes, and some sodas like Mountain Dew.

For tips on how to economize your programs, go to FAQs.